Eternal life and the Roulette Table


All human beings know what life is and we all have to answer the question of what happens after death. Looking around and seeing how people address the issue of what happens after our last breath reminds me of placing bets at a roulette table.   Some place their bet that once our life ends we become nothing. Others place their bet on one of the many religions that populate the beliefs we find in this world. I am amazed at how many people spend about the same amount of time determining what they believe will occur upon their death as they would be making a ten-dollar bet at the roulette table.

At the roulette table, as long as the little black ball has not dropped there is time to place your bet or move your bet. Once the black ball drops it is too late and you will either lose the money you bet or take your winnings if you placed your bet on the right number and color.  If you guessed wrong and you still have some money left you can give it another try and hopefully win on your next bet.  Unfortunately, this is not true regarding your life.  If a person is breathing, it is as if the little black ball of the roulette table has not dropped and you can place your bet on what will occur upon you last breath.  When that little black ball drops, once you take your last breath, you will find out if what you believed and invested your life in was a winner or loser.  Unlike the roulette table in life you do not get a second chance.  The bet you place is your life, everything you have.  Once you die, you do not get a second life to give it another try.

My point in this thought is to encourage you to truly dig in and know what you believe and why you believe it.  So many people don’t spend a moment really thinking about this issue and not realizing they are actually placing a bet.  Most of these people are assuming there is life after death and everything will be fine, they will not really be held accountable for what they have done.  Others place their bet based on the area of the world they are a part of, the color of their skin, the traditions of their families or the beliefs they were raise in.  My message to all these people do not assume that what you are thinking is correct just because you are comfortable with it.  Please dig in for yourself.  Weigh the evidence that is out there.  The decision you make now while you are living will determine the reality of your life after death.  In the scope of life, it is the most serious decision you will make.

Some key items I had to answer while I was making my decision:

  • Did God create all that I see around me and how interconnected it all is or was it totally by chance?
  • If God did create all this, what was the purpose, is there a right and wrong?
  • Why am I here, for what purpose?
  • What about this sin issue, the Jesus Christ issue and payment for my sin and what happens if my sin is not paid for by the time I take my last breath?

God Bless and if I can help in your journey to find these answers please contact me by clicking on this link: PJ@rolcloquet


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